The Balancing Act


Every period of travel introduces new lessons. In February we spent the month in Bangalore. Overextended in work, I was reminded about knowing when to stop and rest—when to say “enough practice/work/activity for today.”  Now as we find ourselves in Guanacaste, the Northwest province of Costa Rica for the month, my morning yoga practices are fraught with lessons of balance, especially as I move through standing postures, Uttitha Hasta Padangusthasana and Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana. These are postures that are always and never a struggle—in the sense I get into them without hassle but can struggle immensely depending on my desire to work on them in practice. Also, after attending a great workshop with Krista Shirley in April, I was reminded of all of the various ways I can work on these postures to strengthen bandhas and really ground myself in practice. I’ve definitely been more aware since then. I feel progress has been made…until the last few days.

Every morning over the last week I lose my balance in these postures and struggle to bring them back together again. Astrology would suggest this has something to do with some activity between Neptune and Jupiter. We’ve also just had a full moon with all kinds of energy jumping everywhere. After a few days of rest and realignment today’s practice was better but still a struggle.


I delve deeper to explore what these balancing postures have to say about my life and the current state of my mind as I try to balance so many aspects of daily life—home life vs. professional life, my children’s needs vs. my own, career choices, and the many multidimensional aspects of all my interpersonal relationships.

There are the big questions—confronted with the question of what to do next with my career, where I want to be in 5 years, and the most valuable way to spend time now to maximize present and future happiness?

As I explore these deep questions I am once again humbled by how the practice of ashtanga yoga has led me to delve deeper through the lens of balance. I find no immediate answers, but do see a need to step back and to let go of the easily identifiable negative aspects pulling me down to focus on the positive aspects propelling me forward. While not easy, the lesson is humbling.

“Practice and all is coming.” -Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Photo credits to my amazing husband, Chidu Rajghatta.

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