Returning to the Blog: Finding Beauty in the Most Routine of Activities

After months of departure, I’ve decided that it’s time to return to this blog. I keep saying, “I’ll write when I find a good time–when it’s quiet and I have a little less work on my plate.” Reality check: It’s never a good time, and when I do find moments of quiet I often find myself sitting and enjoying the silence as long as I can before needing to jump up to catch my waking toddler or respond to the list of unanswered messages in my inbox. OK. There are never that many unanswered messages either, because I really cannot stand the sight of unopened mail, and I like my messages organized neatly in folders. And that Type A craziness, my friends, is why it’s never a good time to blog.

And here we are, right smack dab in the middle of spring. The grass is green. Our irises are in full bloom, and we’re surrounded by colors and growing plants as we slowly start our transition into summer. Life is full and beautiful, like the roses that have just come into bloom in our front yard. This year we’ve worked to landscape the yard, and I even managed to plant a small vegetable garden in the back. Our radishes will be our first harvest this weekend with tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, carrots and chard growing strong along with the beautiful herbs the husband has planted and maintains.

Days are filled with our usual toil of work, yoga, but mostly with the pleasures of watching our darling two-year old daughter as she grows and learns. My life these days is perfectly content in a series of what many may see as rather routine activities: day-to-day activities with a 2-year old, gardening, cooking (though I’m not the primary chef in our household), yoga and occasionally getting to sit down with a good book. Lately, we’re not really traveling much.

Sometimes I don’t feel I have a ton of deeply interesting topics to write about though I know this isn’t true. For there’s beauty in a grain of sand, a piece of salt, and the sun the flits a shadow against the wall on what seems even the most ordinary of days.

For instance, this morning I had the pleasure of “Shadow co-oping” at the preschool our daughter will attend in the fall. It is a cooperative preschool, meaning that parents participate in the classroom a set number of times throughout the year. In preparation, each new parent must participate and job-shadow and existing parent co-oper in advance. Today was my day. I have to admit that when I awoke, it was cooler than usual and raining. My daughter is recovering from a lingering cold and cough, and today is one of my work days. I thought to myself, “Am I really going to miss work and a day with my daughter to watch other peoples’ children? Shouldn’t I really be tending to so many other priorities? Is this really rational?” But once there, my mood immediately changed. It was so delightful to see 12 shining 2.5-3.5 year old faces glowing with happiness and creativity. The activities involved helping them in their activities and in their meals–a snack and lunch. Seeing the children interacting and sharing, and learning to share, was quite a great opportunity, and I’m so excited to watch our daughter go through this process in the fall.

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