Practicing Solo


It’s one of those weeks.  Husband is attending TED in Vancouver. There are deadlines at work and daughter is now demanding YouTube videos with dinner. While I walk around humming Elmo songs all day, operating on autopilot to ensure that I spend quality time with my daughter, get work done, and that the trash makes it out before pickup tomorrow, there is no chance of actually going to my morning yoga practice.  Instead, it is one of those weeks for practicing solo at home. I’ve had my share of solo practices over the years with work travel and months in India–not spent at the shala. Without the energy of others, getting motivated is sometimes really hard.  That said, some of my greatest yoga achievements have happened practicing solo, and the challenge of focusing the mind without the energy of an ashtanga room is one worth taking from time to time.

I love these practices once I actually get into them, but getting started is always a chore. These days I never know when I’ll have to stop and attend to a waking toddler. So, I approach them with no expectations and sometimes the results are surprisingly positive. Other times I barely make it through sun salutations. But that’s OK. I find the cleanest spot in the house and do my best.

Today I managed to complete my full practice. I taped it for the first time. I’ve never really watched myself practice, and it was enlightening.  I observed both places where I am strong in my practice and places that can improve. Some poses I thought I was doing correctly, I realize need some work (and vice versa).  Overall, it was a funny but good feeling to see myself practicing. It’s worth trying for the learning experience.

A clip from the solo practice:

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