Smile: It just makes everything better!


More often than not these days, I do not wake up to the beautiful sounds of birds outside and sunlight beaming down through the windows. Rather, my alarm beeps by 5:30 and I am jolted up while trying not to disturb my sleeping daughter. I fumble out of bed in the dark to set up the baby monitor and quickly get ready before heading out to my yoga practice. It’s been a colder than usual winter in Washington–many long, dreary and very dark days.  When the sun is out, we savor it. I am so thrilled by the arrival of daylight savings time that I almost want to get up and do a little jig as I write this. It is all too easy to let my mood succumb to the winter weather, the dark and the all-too-rushed week.

But lately I’ve found one smile cure. SMILE! It just makes everything better. Even when nothing is going right, take a moment and smile! I’m reminded of this photograph my husband and I took a few years ago while traveling in the backwaters of Kochi. We came across these boys playing with goats and a round tire and stick in the street. They weren’t wearing any shoes and they didn’t have a care in the world. They were happy. I aspire to be that happy.

Many days I take yoga and myself WAY too seriously. Lately though, I’ve been working on my smile every morning during my yoga practice, at the end of the practice when I reach Utplutih (this pose):


See that smile on Gurugi’s face!!! This is the final closing posture of the Ashtanga series practice. Usually by the time I reach this posture, I’m tired. My mind starts to wonder what time it is, and I start to feel rushed to get dressed and ready for work.  But instead, lately, I’ve just been smiling, and it changes the whole closing sequence, and my day.  When I start to feel that tired, dragging feeling in the day, instead of getting lost to it, I try to smile at it, and then when I smile talking to my officemates or family, I notice something wonderful–They smile too!

Stop. Breath. And smile for a few minutes. It does wonders!

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