An August Pause

This week marks one month since we arrived in Bangalore, and it has been a beautiful month.  We arrived. We rested.

My Mom and Bill came to India for two weeks visiting from Columbus, Indiana.

At the Farm

We re-enacted our marriage Lingayat-style and had a party at home hosting over 50 guests.

 Photo by Mahesh Bhat

Mom, Bill, Chidu and I all went to Kochi where we enjoyed our stay at the Old Harbour Hotel and did lots of shopping for spices and antiques.

Check out this disturbing sign….

We then toured the Kochi backwaters on a houseboat.

And alas we chilled out in Bangalore at various spots ranging from Koshy’s to the Hard Rock Hotel. I visited some of my old haunts and friends such as the Institute for Social and Economic Change.

All of these events (plus a bit of remote work) have resulted in a pause in my writing.

I’m also experiencing a pause in my morning yoga practice.  For the time being my Bangalore obstetrician has advised not practicing or doing physical exercise.   We’ll reassess next week and make sure everything is OK, but it may be some time before I can resume my morning Mysore practice.

This also means that my original plans for this trip—to continue on to Mysore for 3 weeks to practice until September—have had to change.  Instead, I’ll return to Washington, DC with my husband on Sunday. This is OK.  I look forward to having a few weeks in DC before rushing back to office.

Recent notes by Megan Riley (, currently in Mysore, reminded me on Sunday that there are many ways to practice yoga.  While the physical practice has been my anchor of sorts, for now, I will have to work on the seven other limbs of the practice. I have replaced morning practice with morning meditation.

This pause is working out to be a welcome rest, however challenging it may feel at times. There are much larger priorities at the moment.

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