Bangalore–There’s no place like home!

Re-enacting our Marriage with Family at our Home

Ahh…the sweet sound of rain against the roof and the luscious flavor of the Karnataka badami mango…. Alas after a lovely vacation in Istanbul—and a really beautiful Friday morning yoga practice at Cihangir Yoga—we have arrived in Bangalore. We’ve been at our Bangalore house for one week. Practice is coming along and jet lag is on the decline.

Now to life in Bangalore…Week 1 and my 11th week of pregnancy, yoga practice has been very mixed.  Bangalore is a perfect 20-25 degrees C (65-75 F), and it is the height of the monsoon, which means beautiful bouts of rain and cool evenings. Leaving the heat of Washington, one cannot ask for anything more soothing. Bangalore is best at this time of year.

The sudden change in temperature and climate (as well as the 3000 ft rise in sea level), however, do affect practice. I’ve struggled with supta kurmasana and more intense primary series poses this week. While my “baby bump” is not yet showing in any really visible ways, it makes itself known in my practice. Until last week I could maintain most of my forward bends, folding all the way forward.  This is no longer the case, and I can feel my posture beginning to change (slightly) as I fold forward. Transitioning from standing postures to the primary sequence has also been leaving me breathless thanks to the altitude change. I’ve had to be very patient with myself to adjust my practice where needed.

I awake much stiffer than in DC, and it takes longer to get into my practice. The lack of a regular studio to go to also means that morning practice is entirely self-motivated. My energy level is the only energy source to fill the room.  I managed to maintain a full practice throughout most of the week, thankfully encountering a moon day midweek.

My sleep is resuming a regular schedule though I really let down when I am here, which often means afternoon naps.  The biggest threat to my pregnant well-being so far is a threat that I really think makes Bangaloreans all age much faster than they should—late dining and too much partying.  All the invites from friends have started to filter in for us to come for dinner.  While I’m excited to go and catch up with everyone, dinner at other people’s homes often means not eating before 10 pm.

Late dinners destroy my stomach and my morning practice.  This has been the case of two off the seven days (and 5 practice days) that we have been here. Morning practice turns into an unpleasant, half-digested, symphonic experience as my internal organs detox.  The best solution I’ve found is to eat a meal before going to these dinners. But once there, I lack the willpower to resist eating—especially when dessert is Goan pudding or apple crumble (my weakness thanks to Ms. Radha! ;-).

Apple Crumble…you know you want it

All in all, however, Bangalore food and ample chai is much more agreeable than DC food. I’ve been eating vast supplies of raagi mudde and soppu saaru.

I’ve mostly adjusted to the weather and elevation changes, and it’s good to be home.

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